Treatable and Beatable

Who is Carolyn Gross?

Motivating health professionals and patients to beat cancer is Carolyn’s mission. Carolyn is an award-winning speaker who beat cancer with immunotherapy and shows others how! As a patient advocate and the author of three wellness books: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos, Treatable and Beatable and Breaking the Cancer Code; she has been featured on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV.

Carolyn introduces effective Health Management, Self Management and People Management strategies at spa retreats and to cancer survivors and healthcare experts throughout the United States. Her clients include medical associations, healthcare, the spa industry, women conferences, top resort hotels, wellness events and top government agencies.

Carolyn dedicates herself to helping by combining creative life solutions with wellness principles. Her multi-faceted approach to health, prevention and cancer recovery has helped individuals be motivated to heal and reinvent themselves to achieve their goals.

Whether she is delivering a keynote presentation on “Breaking the Cancer Code” or motivating employees with “Your Health is Your Wealth” and “Managing Chaos with Confidence,” she helps people turn suffering into success! Her programs are informative, interactive and energize audiences to action.

Some of the Carolyn’s clients include: SHARP Health Care, Scripps Health Foundation, UCSD Medical Center, International Spa Association, Whole Foods Market, Rancho La Puerta Resort and Spa, American Naturopaths Medical Assoc. Cancer Control Society, Healthy Living Expo, Health Freedom Events, Women in Business Symposium.

Breaking the Cancer Code

The answer to cancer lies in the immune system. Learn about cancer immunotherapy, the medical breakthrough of the century! This program is beneficial to both patients and healthcare professionals in explaining how the immune system can be educated to recognize and destroy cancer. Learn how to empower patients about the importance of psychoneuroimmunology in their healing strategy. Preventative Self-Care strategies including detoxification protocols, to build the immune system during and after cancer are detailed and paramount when healing any chronic condition.

Managing Chaos with Confidence

How do you respond to unexpected news and overwhelmed life? When bombarded with uncertainty you can become worn-out and less effective. Learn to manage those unexpected events, so you can focus on the areas over which you have control. This program will help you be proactive instead of reactive during challenges times.

  • Learn the categories of chaos and their impact on work/life balance.
  • Build your self-efficacy to create a mindset for success.
  • Learn the key responses to unexpected events.
  • Skillfully capitalize and thrive in challenging times.

Treatable and Beatable

Get empowered with the treatable and beatable approach to any health challenge. Drawing from twenty years of research in natural healing practices, this program explores trends in self-care and prevention.

  • Claim Your Power, when you have any type of health crisis
  • Combining Allopathic and Alternative Treatments when healing cancer
  • Explore nutritional approaches to boosting your immune system.

Your Health is Your Wealth

Carolyn shares her compelling research on Mind-Body stress reduction to offset the effects of stress. Learn the healing factors needed to sustain perfect health with tips for creating a wealthy lifestyle, healthy immune system and most importantly, a youthful mindset.

  • Understand how lifestyle choices perpetuate health problems.
  • Detoxification is for everyone. Find the right approach for optimum energy and health.
  • Learn the inner circle secrets to work-life balance and recovering from burnout.

Do you Shine or Whine?

Everyone needs a reminder about the importance of a positive mindset and attitude. Learn how to keep shining with strategies that teach sustainability. This motivational program delivers techniques to manage adversity, crisis or health challenges with a stellar approach. It’s not what happens to us in life but how we respond. Learn about:

  • The keys to building confidence, stop reacting and start assessing.
  • The importance of congruity to stay balanced, even when your life is turned upside down.
  • Use your challenges as opportunities to reinvent

Success in Life Depends on Relationships

Conflict with patients & team members impacts the work environment and lowers service quality and care. This program solves the crisis. By understanding what motivates your patients and team members, you can improve your ability to influence & manage. Using the Color Code, motive management system, you will learn what drives you and gain a new understanding of how to relate to your customers and workforce. This program delivers masterful relationship strategies that improve team spirit, build leadership skills and increase customer loyalty.


We strive to create a MASTERPIECE when you hire us to deliver a presentation for your event. In order to make the message effective, we want to customize the program to include specific examples of challenges that need to be addressed and the solutions you would like to reinforce.

Once we establish the program(s) that meets your needs, we will send a pre program questionnaire to assess your current status to give us valuable input on what the current trends, challenges and needs are in your organization. We will also coordinate with your theme if any to give a synergist approach to the program.

This service takes time, coordination, and planning. Events scheduled at the last minute are not guaranteed to receive the detailed attention we would like to offer.

Treatable & Beatable